Vocaleyes for Teaching Digital Skills


The process of turning ideas into action


for sparking pupils to generate ideas


for pupils to share, rate and debate together


to enable pupils to make a commitment


to show pupils the impact of their ideas

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create a culture of collaboration

VocalEyes enhances digital skills
Assisting educators to teach key digital skills and online etiquette

Teach Digital Skills in the safety of a private group.
Enliven Pupil Voice and your School Council.
Teach Digital Citizenship through experiential learning.

Web-hosted, VocalEyes school groups are private to avoid the potential risks of operating in the publicly accessible space of social media websites. Use VocalEyes to capture pupil-generated ideas. Enjoy the benefits of implementing the suggestions of your school community.

VocalEyes will provide hands-on support to kick-start the introduction of its platform in your school, organise digital engagement events, and work with pupil councils to enhance the contribution they make to school life. Want to extend the process to your parent, staff and stakeholder communities? Your 'digital tribe' can be part of the drive to engage these groups - whilst protecting, and enhancing, your institution's reputation.

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VocalEyes engaging young learners in Digital Citizenship

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